Comprehensive Fire Protection Approach


This online course is designed to improve fire safety through applying understanding of a comprehensive fire protection approach.

The course focuses on the following:

  • A comprehensive approach, because no one element can ensure complete fire protection
  • Commercial occupancies, as it is these occupancies that are most strictly regulated by building, life safety, and fire codes

The alignment of codes, enforcement, and appropriate product safety standards becomes the practical application of the comprehensive fire protection approach.


  • Describe the impact of historically significant building fires on building codes, fire codes and product test method development.
  • Describe the components of a comprehensive fire protection approach and the benefits of its use, both reactively and proactively.
  • Identify three resources available for use to properly evaluate products, materials and structures for code compliance.
  • Assess the validity of a specific product end-use application given the product's certification.
  • Explain the independent third party product certification process and the benefits of its use.
  • Recognize the impact of smoke and fire paths on the selection of mitigating tools, applicable codes and fire safety standards.
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Target Audience

  • Firefighters that want to improve safety through applying understanding of a comprehensive fire protection approach

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