UL 153 and UL 1598 Online MTR General Coverage Program Overview


This curriculum consists of a series of courses that cover the UL Luminaire ‘General Coverage’ Certification Programs. It provides an overview of the basic safety requirements in UL 153 for Portable Luminaires and UL 1598 for Incandescent Surface-Mounted Luminaires, Fluorescent Surface-Mounted Luminaires and Fluorescent Recessed Luminaires.

The curriculum is designed for those responsible for the design, assembly, or production oversight of General Coverage luminaires subject to UL follow-up services and labeling. Completion of the curriculum will fulfill the basic qualification requirements for being designated as a Manufacturer's Technical Representative (MTR).  Each manufacturer is required to designate at least one representative to complete the entire MTR online curriculum for UL 153 or UL 1598, as applicable, by March 31, 2020.  If you are manufacturing products under both UL 153 and UL 1598, at least one qualified MTR is required for each standard.

*This curriculum is self-paced so you may start and stop each module at any time without having to start over from the beginning of each module.



 Important Notes: 

  1. When registering for this curriculum, please be sure to enter your Manufacturer's Party Site Number in the Address 2 field of the User Registration page (First Name, Last Name, Address, etc.)
  2. Course price for enrollments completed prior to March 31, 2020 are receiving a 46% discount, for a total course price of $800.00 USD. Effective April 1 and thereafter, the course price will revert to the $1500 USD base price. This reduced pricing is not subject to further discounting.
  3. If you would like to register multiple users for a specific location, please contact your regional SME as noted below, for special bundled discount pricing:
  4. Please see this PDF resource for assistance with purchasing and starting this Learning.

Please select one of the options below based on product(s) currently being manufactured and your preferred language.







 UL 153

UL Category Code QOWZ

 UL 153 MTR


 UL 153 MTR UL 153 MTR

 UL 1598

UL Category Codes IEZR, IEUZ, IEVV

 UL 1598 MTR

 UL 1598 MTR UL 1598 MTR

Both UL 153 and UL 1598

UL 153 AND

UL 1598

 UL 153 AND

UL 1598

UL 153 AND

UL 1598



  • Understand the UL Certification process
  • Learn to effectively use the key documents that comprise the UL Luminaire General Coverage Program
  • Apply the basic safety requirements of UL 153 and UL 1598
  • Understand the scope and constraints of the UL Luminaire General Coverage Program

Target Audience

  • Individuals to be designated as an MTR
  • Luminaire designers, assemblers, or production managers
  • Production inspectors                



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Time Requirement


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