UL 1974: Creating a Safe Second Life for Electric Vehicle Batteries- Recorded Webinar


When an EV battery reaches the end of its automotive life, it typically still has about 80% of its storage capacity and can be reused in a second life as a stationary power source, potentially as grid-connected storage, reducing the need for new battery production and reducing landfill waste.

To successfully repurpose EV batteries, it must first be safe. Each battery needs to be evaluated individually because each one has been exposed to different charging and discharging conditions during its use in a vehicle. UL has worked with input from automakers, battery reclaimers, utility providers and academics to develop the safety standard UL 1974.


Topics Covered

  • Scope of UL 1974
  • How UL1974 has become the protocol to measure the condition, safety and energy capacity of each individual battery pack before integration into a stationary energy storage system
  • Remanufacturing VS Repurposing EV batteries
  • UL 1974 Evaluation Program


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Time Requirement


Pre-Recorded Webinar 60 minutes

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