Card Brand Certifications Foundations eLearning


*Participants of this eLearning will gain knowledge on the process of deploying a fully compliant and interoperable payment terminal device. 

If your team is involved in the development or deployment of payment terminal solutions (the acquiring or processing of electronic payment transactions on POS, mPOS, or ATM devices), then you must’ve encountered the requirement that your solution needs to have various different certifications.

These certifications are mandated by external certification bodies, such as PCI, EMVCo, and/or payment brands (e.g. Mastercard, Visa, etc.). However, these certifications are not just complex by themselves, but are also inter-related, and understanding them and their relation to each other requires specific knowledge. This knowledge is different than what is required for developing or deploying payment terminal hardware and/or software solutions.

To convey this knowledge, UL presents this eLearning module, which provides an overview on the certifications requirements that must be fulfilled to deploy a payment terminal to market, with a focus on payment brand certifications. This is done by shedding light on the path leading to certifications of payment acceptance devices (by introducing EMVCo ‘Level 1’, and ‘Level 2’ certifications), then discussing payment brand certifications (EMVCo ‘Level 3’ certifications) in more detail.


After attending this training, you will:

  • Gain an overview on the required certifications of a payment terminal
  • Obtain knowledge on the roles and the process of a payment terminal deployment certification
  • Learn how and when UL’s Brand Test Tool can assist a tester
  • Understand the flow of a payment terminal brand certification
  • Use our practicalities and tips for payment terminal EMVCo Level 3 payment card brand certifications

Target Audience

The intended audience is:

  • test managers
  • project managers
  • test analysts
  • developers from a payment terminal vendor, a payment processor, or from an acquirer

Note: Plan to complete the full 60-minute course in one sitting as access to this course is limited to TWO viewings per user.

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Time Requirement


Web-Based 60 minutes $299 USD (access is limited to two viewings per user)

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