Comparing the North American and European Standards for Firestop Systems – Recorded Webinar


This recorded webinar provides an overview on the common fire test standards used across North America and Europe to evaluate firestop and joint systems. Particularly the differences and similarities between the test arrangements, measurement requirements and conditions of acceptance. The various firestop and joint system related tools and resources will also be showcased.


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 

  • Recognize the differences between the North American and European firestop and joint system test standards.
  • Understand the intent and specific test arrangements, measurement requirements and conditions of acceptance.
  • Gain insight on the path to UL Certification and associated resources.


Target Audience

This course is applicable to multiple roles and levels in an organization including, but not limited to: 

  • Firestop manufacturers
  • Firestop suppliers
  • Firestop contractors
  • Firestop inspectors
  • Construction companies and suppliers
  • Facilities and building managers
  • Architects and suppliers 


  • Purpose of Firestopping
  • Test Standards
    • Set Up
    • Parameters
    • Conditions of Acceptance
  • Certifications
  • Resources

Presenter Biography

Luke Woods is the Principal Engineer for the Fire Resistance and Containment group with UL in Northbrook, IL. His experience concentrates on fire protection testing, researching and evaluating of building materials and systems under various fire conditions. Luke is also the ambassador for UL at technical committees throughout the fire protection industry. His primary focus for UL covers the technical matters for fire rated products such as firestop systems, joints, curtain walls, fire doors, fire dampers, fire windows, fire resistant record protection, fire rated structural elements (steelwork, walls, floors, roofs etc.), fire resistive coatings and other fire protection materials. He has been published in several industry magazines and newsletters addressing current testing and certification topics for fire protection. 



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Time Requirement


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