Fire Alarm Systems: UL Listing, Certification, Acceptance and Testing & Maintenance


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Fire Alarm Systems is a three-part eLearning training series that covers various aspects of alarm certification and the benefits of participating in the UL alarm certification program. Drawing from key Standards published by UL and NFPA, this training series describes key components of fire alarm systems and important regulations that govern their installation, testing, monitoring, and maintenance. There are three modules that form this training.


 Module One Topics:
  • UL Standards Product Certifications
  •  Fire Alarm System Overview
  •  Protected Premises Alarm Systems
  •  Supervising Station Systems
  •  Basic Components of a Fire Alarm System
  •  UL Listing Process

Module Two Topics:

  • NFPA 72 Overview
  • Documentation
  • Personnel Qualifications
  • Power Supplies
  • Detection, Signaling, and Responses
  • Circuits and Pathways

Module Three Topics:

  • Types of Inspection and Testing
  • Inspection and Testing Schedules and Methods
  • Special Considerations
  • Initiation Devices
  • Notification Appliances
  • Emergency control function interfaces



Upon completion of this training series, learners will be able to

  • Identify the Standards and Codes that govern fire alarm system compliance at UL and in the U.S.
  • Differentiate between Protected Premises Alarm Systems and Supervising Station Systems
  • Recognize the basic components of a Fire Alarm System
  • Outline the UL Listing process for Fire Alarm Systems
  • Recognize UL’s role in offering safety-related certification, validation, testing, inspection, auditing, advising, and training services
  • Apply the requirements and regulations of key Standards to real-world problems associated with fire alarm systems
  • Employ proper documentation during the installation, testing, monitoring, and maintenance of fire alarm systems.
  • Follow key regulations regarding power supplies, signaling, and circuits.
  • Inspect and test fire alarm systems according to official schedules and methods
  • Describe key regulations about initiation devices, notification appliances, emergency control function interfaces

 Target Audience

  • Fire Alarm System Inspectors
  • Fire Alarm System Service and Monitoring Companies
  • Building Contractors and Owners

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Target Audience

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

UL Knowledge Solutions is authorized by IACET to offer 0.3 CEUs for this eLearning series; contact your local jurisdiction for CEU recognition. 0.3 CEU will be awarded upon completion of the series.

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Time Requirement


Certificates 3 hours $121 for the 3 module course

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