Hazardous Locations Intrinsic Safety Design Fundamentals


Electrical devices and systems considered “intrinsically safe” operate at an energy level deemed low enough to prevent arcs, sparks or heat (during normal or fault conditions), that could ignite a potentially explosive environment.

In this comprehensive one-day workshop you will learn about the latest requirements for intrinsically safe electrical products for hazardous locations (explosive atmospheres) applications.

You will also learn about the numerous benefits associated with the use of intrinsically safe equipment as opposed to applying other protection techniques, such as explosion-proof enclosures. In addition, participants will learn that intrinsically safe products generally reduce installation costs, and potentially lower material and production costs.  Finally, you will understand how intrinsically safe equipment is suitable for use in Division 1 and Zone 0 classified locations.

Each participant will receive a workbook and a copy of the UL 60079-0 and UL 60079-11 Standards ($788 USD value).

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Workshop Topics

  • Apparatus construction
  • Components on which intrinsic safety depends
  • Infallible components, infallible assemblies of components and infallible connections
  • Diode safety barriers
  • Type verification and tests
  • Markings
  • Comparison of Division 1 and Zone 0 requirements


  • Identify intrinsic safety concepts
  • Navigate international standards on intrinsic safety
  • Apply the requirements for “protective” components
  • Interpret fault analysis and fault counting
  • Design according to international conformity assessment procedures

Target Audience

  • R&D engineers
  • Product designers
  • Safety engineers
  • Jurisdictional authorities 
  • Government regulatory staff
  • Field engineers and other staff involved in using equipment in hazardous locations
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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 1 day $1,100.00

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