Hazardous Locations - Basics of Global Hazardous Locations Requirements


This workshop is an introductory overview or refresher of hazardous locations basics. You will learn the terminology associated with hazardous locations, including Classes, Divisions, Zones, Groups, temperature classifications, and area classifications. An introduction to each of the protection concepts used to design equipment is provided. Installation requirements for North America are covered and compared to typical international requirements. The myriad of product markings and certifications are reviewed and explained in detail, including North American Listings, ATEX Certifications, IECEx System and more.

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The topics covered in this course are:

  • How areas become classified and why hazardous locations are classified
  • The terminology associated with area classifications, including Classes, Groups, Divisions, Zone, temperature classes, protection methods, and more.
  • Examples of area classifications.
  • North American and international protection techniques for Divisions and Zones
  • How to select the appropriate standard to meet certification requirements
  • What products need to be certified and how to work with third parties to obtain those certifications.
  • Wiring methods and other installation concerns covered by the NEC ®, CEC and basic international requirements


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Define the terminology associated with Division and Zone-classified hazardous locations as used in North America and Zone-classified locations as used in the international community
  • Distinguish between Division and Zone classified locations
  • Understand the concepts behind each protection method employed in hazardous locations equipment design
  • Understand what equipment needs to be third-party certified and how to obtain certifications
  • Identify Hazardous Locations product markings
  • Understand NEC ® and Canadian Electrical Code installation requirements for Hazardous Locations equipment, as well as the basics of international installation requirements.

Target Audience

  • R&D engineers
  • Product designers
  • Safety engineers
  • Jurisdictional authorities
  • Governmental regulatory staff; staff responsible for specifying, approving, acquiring or purchasing hazardous location equipment
  • Field engineers and other staff involved in using equipment in hazardous locations
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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 1 day

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