Industrial Control Panels UL 508A and Short-Circuit Current Ratings (Germany)


Das Seminar wird in deutscher Sprache abgehalten. Die Schulungsunterlagen sind in englischer Sprache.

This seminar will be held in German language. The course materials are in English language.



The introduction of the new Article 409 for Industrial Control Panels in the 2005 edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) drew increased attention to installations of industrial control panels. Industrial control panels (ICPs) with the UL Mark are installable to the NEC and have a distinct competitive edge in the marketplace.

The first day of the workshop focuses on how to construct general use industrial control panels in accordance with the Standard for Industrial Control Panels, UL 508A, 3rd Edition. It covers UL 508A, general use ICP construction, power circuit, control circuit, rating and marking requirements, sections 1-61; enclosure construction requirements, sections 62-64; standards for components, Appendix A; use of non-UL components, Appendix B; and component usage, Appendix C.

The second day instructs industrial control panel customers on how to establish short-circuit ratings for individual industrial control panels in accordance with the requirements outlined in the new Standard for Industrial Control Panels, UL 508A, 3rd Edition, Supplement SB.  This supplement is the only method specifically noted as being recognized by the NEC.  

Each participant will receive a participant workbook and a copy of the UL 508A Standard ($897 USD value).


Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to industrial control panels
  • Development of UL 508A
  • Project categories & UL directory information
  • UL's certification program for industrial control panels
  • General requirements for all panels
  • Construction requirements for enclosed panels   
  • Power circuits
  • Control circuits
  • Ratings and markings
  • Industrial control panel enclosures
  • Annex A-Standards for components
  • Annex B-Use of non-UL components
  • Appendix C-Component usage
  • Supplement SB-Short circuit ratings


  • Discuss and define power circuit and control circuit construction requirements
  • Define and apply appropriate electrical spacing between un-insulated parts of components
  • Determine proper segregation of insulated conductors of separate circuits
  • Determine the appropriate branch circuit protection sizing and individual component selection
  • Describe transformer over-current protection
  • Navigate UL 508A Table C 1.1 and the UL Web to determine component suitability/ cost saving methods
  • Execute proper application of supplementary protectors
  • Explain panel rating and marking requirements
  • Identify a short circuit current rating marking
  • Demonstrate through course activities how to identify and calculate short-circuit ratings

Target Audience

  • Control panel designers and engineers
  • Regulatory compliance engineers
  • Control panel manufacturers
  • Industrial control and power distribution equipment manufacturers
  • Electrical Inspectors and enforcers of the NEC

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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 2 days 1 395,00 €

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