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Energy and Industrial Systems Thought Leadership

UL’s energy and industrial systems team is developing standards, performance and safety testing, and certification services for the power generation, power distribution and automotive components industries. Our team is developing new test and procedures to stay at the forefront of safety in these industries. The following white paper produced by UL subject matter experts highlights how UL is a leader in energy safety – in the workplace and at home.


Product Safety Issues for Smart-Enabled Appliances in the U.S. - NEW!

Home appliance energy usage continues to grow as the average number of appliances in a home increases. As a result, appliance manufacturers are under continued pressure to find innovative methods of improving the energy efficiency of their products. Smart-enabled appliances incorporate advanced electronic and communications technologies, enabling power utilities and consumers to more closely monitor and control their energy use.

At the same time, the application of advanced technologies needed to convert conventional home appliances into smart appliances introduces potential product safety concerns that are not addressed in current end-product standards. While standards development efforts are underway to address this gap, UL has adopted supplementary certification requirements that address the product safety issues specific to certain types of smart appliances. This UL white paper addresses the unique safety considerations of smart home appliances, and the compliance structure currently in place to address these concerns.

Click here to download the full technical white paper.


Powering the New Generation of Electric Vehicles: Issues and Challenges

By 2015, there may be as many as 1 million electric-powered vehicles on roads and highways in the United States. The rapid and dramatic increase in the number of EVs on the road will bring about many changes, not the least of which is the deployment of an infrastructure to power this new generation of high-technology vehicles. Some calculations place the number of EVCS required to support a fleet of 1 million EVs at more than 2.5 million units.

The introduction of electric-powered vehicles presents significant growth opportunities for automobile manufacturers as well as the manufacturers of power systems used to build and fuel America’s new EV fleet. At the same time, the installation and maintenance of potentially millions of EVCSs presents logistical and training issues for the technology companies that manufacture and service such equipment. Finally, consumers are likely to seek reassurances regarding the safety of electric-powered vehicles and the systems used to charge them.

This UL white paper provides an overview of the general issues regarding the introduction of EVs, and reviews the various types of EVs and the technology components required to power them. The white paper then discusses potential issues related to the widespread deployment of EVs, including the development of an EV power structure, safety concerns addressed by regulations and consensus standards, and the training needs of designers, field installation specialists, and enforcement officials. The white paper concludes with a preview of prospective issues facing manufacturers of EVs and EV charging equipment.

Click here to download the full white paper.


Data Security Concerns for the Electric Grid - NEW!

The U.S. power grid infrastructure is a vital component of modern society and commerce, and represents a critical asset that must be secured against potential attacks of all kinds. This UL white paper discusses some of the key vulnerabilities of the logical and physical access points in the power grid infrastructure, as well as the technologies and mechanisms currently available to reduce cyber security risks. Specific risk-reduction measures discussed include biometrics, intrusion detection, video management systems and analytics, network penetration testing, security audits and assessments and intrusion prevention and detection measures.

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