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NEC Fundamentals


The National Electrical Code (NEC): A Practical Application self-paced online course provides the student a detailed look at the history of the NEC and the Code proposal approval process, with an emphasis on how to use the NEC to locate and interpret code requirements. During the duration of the training, the student will use a copy of the 2002 NEC book to conduct research, complete tasks, and locate applicable code requirements for a given scenario.


  • Identify and list historical milestones associated with the creation of the NEC
  • Apply the various steps of the NEC proposal approval process
  • Identify and list the major components of NEC
  • Locate the chapter, section and article for a specific requirement
  • Identify the scope and purpose of Article 80
  • Identify and list which type of installations are covered and not covered by the NEC, use the Code Arrangement diagram to locate various chapters, tables, and the annex of the NEC, explain the definition of mandatory rules, permissive rules, and identify their application in code rules
  • Locate specific terms, code requirements, tables, and cross reference information contained in fine print note and exceptions
  • Locate information contained in the fine print notes (FPN) and exceptions to perform tasks and answer questions specific to special installations
  • Identify the requirements for rigid nonmetallic conduit installations in Class I, Division 1 hazardous (classified) locations, installation of branch circuits and receptacles in patient care locations of a health care facility, and use a specification table to define the minimum overhead conductor clearance requirements for aquatic structures (pools and the like)
  • Locate specific terms, Code requirements, perform tasks, and answer questions specific to communication systems
  • Identify the requirements regarding mechanical execution of work above roof installations, clearance of receiving stations, and premises wiring

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Web-Based 4 hours $79.00

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