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Engineering Support


UL Knowledge Service's engineering support provides technical guidance that is not directly related to a product evaluation or product certification investigation but includes direct access to UL subject matter experts for standards interpretation, guidance, application and risk assessment during product design and development.

This service provides customers with an understanding of UL processes and requirements for submitting products for evaluation. This service helps customers understand the standards relevant to their products, including identification of common construction pitfalls and/or historical test problems. Guidance is provided during the design, development and proto-type stages. Service provided for new customers or current customers not involving actual products which would lead to a product certification.

Customers are provided with incremental hours of engineering through direct on-site support including: periodic site visits (up to a UL engineer working full time at a customer’s location), technical teleconference sessions, and live video\web sessions. Written reports are provided to the customer throughout the project to detail the topics discussed, recommendations and technical guidance that is provided.

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