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ENERGY STAR® and UL - Maximize your LED Revenue Potential (On-Demand Webinar)


Effective January 1, 2011, the EPA will require that all new submissions from manufacturers participating in the ENERGY STAR® program be reviewed by a Certification Body (CB), and that qualification testing be performed under specific criteria. Product qualification requires testing to be performed at EPA-recognized facilities. First-party (manufacturer) facilities can have their test results accepted by the EPA as a part of an approved CB data acceptance program.

UL has earned approval as a Recognized Certification Body (CB) with multiple Testing Laboratories, covering, but not limited to, the following lighting categories:

  • Lamps (LED integral lamps, CFL self-ballasted lamps, etc.)
  • Luminaires (commericial, industrial, residential, etc.)
  • Decorative lighting strings

Please join UL's lighting experts, as we discuss:

  • ENERGY STAR® Evaluation and Verification Program Requirements
  • Lab and Test Equipment needs for 2011 ENERGY STAR® Requirements
  • Streamlined Safety Certification and Energy Efficiency Evaluations – in your own lab
  • Proposed Changes to IES LM-79, IES LM-80
  • Strategies to leverage ENERGY STAR® in your global lighting business
  • Real-Time EPA specification updates and critical dates

Please join UL's technical experts to learn how to maximize your product's revenue potential through our respected, recognized, and cutting-edge ENERGY STAR® programs for Solid State and LED Lighting.

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