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Internal Auditor Training for AS9100


We will teach you the steps to develop, implement, and audit an internal quality system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, AS 9100, and the needs of your organization in the most effective, efficient way. Make sure your training comes from the industry leaders—Oriel STAT-A-MATRIX has been training auditors longer than any other training organization in the world. This internal auditor course includes workshops, case studies, and in-class activities tailored to the evolving aerospace industry and discussions of ISO 9001, AS 9100, and pertinent regulations.

Workshop Topics

  • Overview and interpretation of AS 9100
  • The quality system
  • Preaudit activities, including audit planning, review of documentation and performance results, application of AS9101 audit methodologies and audit trails, and preparation of auditor working documents
  • Internal audit case study
  • On-site audit activities, including auditing for both conformity and effectiveness and understanding the three process approaches to auditing 
  • Report writing - audit reports, nonconformity reports (NCRs) and process effectiveness assessment reports (PEARs)
  • Corrective action and audit follow up
  • Final examination (1 hour)


  • Internal Quality Systems Assessment - Understand the elements of a quality system, interpretation of the requirements AS 9100, and a discussion of what third-party assessment agencies look for.
  • The Three Audit Phases - Understand the requirements for aerospace auditing; become familiar with the auditing process and methodologies; and learn the requirements for planning, on site, reporting, and follow up as described in AS9101 and ISO 19011.
  • Planning an Audit - Understand how to conduct the activities related to documentation and performance results, audit review and audit plan; use the AS9101 auditing methodologies, tools and reports.
  • Conducting the Audit - Apply process-focused auditing techniques and audit the effectiveness of the QMS and its associated processes as required by AS9101 (including use and evelopment of process effectiveness assessment reports or PEARs); learn to collect objective evidence and document nonconformities and other observations, including techniques for effective questioning and listening.
  • Follow-On Activities - Verify effectiveness and adequacy of corrective action, close out an audit, and conduct follow-on surveillances.

Target Audience

This is a perfect fit if you will be conducting, managing, or participating in internal (first-party) audits, or helping to develop an AS 9100 quality system. Also great if you are involved in developing, implementing, and/or maintaining an internal audit system that meets the requirements of AS 9100 and AS9101.
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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 3 days $1,195.00

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